Whether theatre has future or not, is a question asked every year since the first TV shows appeared. For a country adhering to its own theatre traditions and rich heritage (which Russia obviously has), theatre problems are passing into prior matters in a field of culture. To make correct decision toward theatre reform, or shape with right expectations about returns on investments, each party has to understand the global trend. To facilitate in this task, we investigated the Russian theatre quantity dynamics throughout the past 9 years and illustrated that via infographic.

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theatre has future

Datalypse between lines

P.S. Quick access to search for the demanding info about Russian theatre quantity dynamics / or follow the link to Google Tables:

P.P.S. Creation of such infographic served several purposes:

  1. Investigate the conjuncture (after reading the interview with the chairman of the union of theatre activists);
  2. Try to answer the eternal and everlasting question with regard to the theatre’s future;
  3. Use the service;
  4. Apply real Open Data from the FedStat platorm (licensed with CC Attribution 3.0);
  5. Test myself: making infographic using the abovementioned service and dataset was among the olympiad organized by the Higher of Economics this year. Authors of the best works created at that competition were recommended to the fundraised enrollment on the master program “Data Journalism

Datalypse between lines

P.P.S. If you would like to get a little bit closer to the referred above “special Russian theatre tradition” and “rich theatre heritage“, I would recommend you some books (you may purchase them by clicking either the link or picture):






  • Bulgakov M. “Six Plays
    Mikhail Bulgakov was one of the Soviet Union’s finest playwrights, whose work was often at odds with the Soviet State. This volume brings together his major dramatic achievements, including The White Guard, Madame Zoyka, Flight, Molière, Adam and Eve and The Last Days.






  • Stanislavsky C. “An Actor Prepares
    In this book Stanislavsky, internationally well-known Russian actor and theatre director, gives simple exercises to fire the imagination, and help readers not only discover their own conception of reality but how to reproduce it as well.







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