Faith or superstitions? What do Russians believe in?

Time of faith or superstitions? What do Russians believe in?

What do Russians believe in? Is it time of faith or superstitions? Throughout the history, faith has always been a peculiar category for this nation. One saw world salvation in orthodox Russia, others explained special Russian way by its faith. Some proved to be less exalted and, by using their ecclesiastical status, simply penetrated into ruling… But, […]


Russian theatre quantity dynamics: 2007-2015, or whether theatre has future?

Whether theatre has future or not, is a question asked every year since the first TV shows appeared. For a country adhering to its own theatre traditions and rich heritage (which Russia obviously has), theatre problems are passing into prior matters in a field of culture. To make correct decision toward theatre reform, or shape with […]

Death of millions is a statistic - was it really having said by Stalin?

The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a STATISTIC

This phrase is often ascribed to JOSEF STALIN, an ambiguous figure in world history, blood-thirsty dictator, strong advocate of repression methods. However, sometimes words are to be deliberately attributed to emphasize a specific trait of a person and lessen the other of his facets – that is what had been exactly proclaimed right after Stalin’s […]