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My name is Olga – 23, Russian-born, skeptical, ironical, analyst by nature – who’s still looking for her own guiding star.

About childhood – so promising and so hectic

Datalypse between lines

Datalypse author childhood
Protect me from what I want

As long as I remember myself, I have always been a kind of an observer – while “reading” the radical works of Chilean politician Luis Corvalan at the age of 11 months, an explorer –  whilst trying to find where the navel’s hole ends, and a dreamer – at thinking that people will be able to see the world with baby’s eyes forever.

So, since early years I had a plethora of interests around different fields, which made my childhood quite dynamic, manifold and, foremost, very happy. Thanks to my parents, of course (who else could allow their child digging the ancient burial in a deep steppe without any hint on electricity or inhabited place? Or turn the sleep regime upside-down just to delve into the telescope gears and count the meteor shower?)

Datalypse author adolescent
Happy adolescence

The older I got, the more interests I acquired (besides archaeology, astronomy, geography, and so on). Once I hesitated – what if I took too much that I would never find myself? And would eventually become an expert-of-nothing? What should stay of my prior concern, how can I prioritize between my goals? And how can I pack everything I want to know, everything I am eager to see into this small period rounded to 70-80 years?

About a thousand torments toward data

Datalypse between lines

So, when it came to make a choice toward university and specialization, I realized that access to information and its interpretation (either correct or intentionally incorrect) are definitely among the most powerful tools in hands of a human. Together, data and information, are actually composing your knowledge base; one does not need to spend his whole life on comprehension of general trends in one field unless he understands mechanisms of data gathering, analysis and its interpretation.

At 16, when I was young and green, I had really high hopes on numbers and what makes them behave – certainly, at that moment I did not assume concepts like sampling, probability, normal or abnormal distribution. I raised math and basic statistics to the level of doctrine, or even dogma; give me the results of some investigations made by British scientists at that time, and I would immediately spread their results over Russian or African population. Lord, I wish people could never go through the teenage period 😉

Anyway, love to analytics, phantom absolute values and overwhelming curiosity determined in some sense my track for the next years – I ended up with one degree in Statistics and Data Analysis and the other – in Information Management. My projects are also related to this sphere, and I am still in this strange excitement with data and information.

About blog message

Datalypse between lines

All I want to share with you in this blog is just my personal view on data and what stays behind them.

Like life (which is not a series of ascents and falls, but the moments of you at drinking your first cup of coffee, walking your dog, kissing your wife), data, or information, also hide certain moments from personal stories, moves dictated by good or bad intentions, someone’s decisions.

Look narrowly at information, dig deeper, live a more profound, many-sided and intelligent life.

However, stay critical and don’t let the data occupy your mind completely. Leave it to the data-obsessed global corporations 😉



Sincerely Yours,


Datalypse author
You may say, I’m a dreamer – but I’m not the only one, I know ;)

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